hello. hola. こんにちは.

UXC is Jon Somerscales

  • Lean UX/UI Digital Product Design
  • Experience Strategy
  • Systems Thinking
Running on 100% renewable energy
Jon of UXCraft.io aims to create positive environmental and social impact through meaningful interactive experiences and appropriate technology.

He has been leading in UX/UI, digital product & service design with innovative startups, global and environmental organisations. This draws on experience including Lean UX, systems design, psychology and customer experience planning.

He also supports community-based artists on their projects with interaction design know-how.

This is augmented with a creative research-based approach and a critical making practice with focus areas including the circular economy, sustainable electronics, public space, novel interactions, generative design, biodesign, environmental sound and speculative futures that could highlight better outcomes for us and the planet.

In addition to uxcraft.io Jon is also a founding member of speculativesound.studio

He is also a Pervasive Media Studio resident and an active member of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society.

Contact jtsomerscales @ gmail.com